25 Jan 2018
Vermont pet crematoriums and cemeteries

Vermont pet crematoriums and cemeteries

Looking for a respectful, timeless way to care for your pet’s remains? We’ve created a listing of Vermont pet cemeteries and crematoriums to make it easy for you to take your furry friend through this next phase. 


Crematoriums and cemeteries that are created specifically for animal companions are becoming more common – and making the idea of having a pet funeral much more feasible. If you know of one in your area that is not in our Vermont crematorium and cemetery listings, we’d love to hear about it. Please get in touch with us through our Facebook page to pass along the contact information for any new resources we should include here.


Vermont Pet Crematoriums

Homeward Bound, Addison County's Humane Society

236 Boardman Street

Middlebury Vermont 5753 

Phone: 802-388-1100

Email: shelter@homewardboundanimals.org

Website: https://www.homewardboundanimals.org/programs-services/pet-cremation-services/

Notes: Fax: 802-382-9320


Island Memorial

1176 Main Street

Fairfax Vermont 5454 

Phone: 802-316-2284

Email: srabidoux@awrfh.com

Website: http://islandmemorials.com


White Rose Pet Memorial Services

884 South Street

Brattleboro Vermont 5301 

Phone: 802-254-4749

Email: whiteros@sover.net

Website: http://www.whiterosepet.com


Do you know of a pet crematorium business in the Vermont area? If so, we want to know, too. Please send the info through our Facebook page so that others can find them too.


Vermont Pet Cemetery



We are not yet aware of the available pet cemeteries in Vermont.  If you know of any active pet cemetery in your area, please share that information through our Facebook page.


Image: Aaron Burden

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