2 Sep 2017
Alaska pet crematoriums and cemeteries

Alaska pet crematoriums and cemeteries

You want to lay your pet to rest in a way that honours your pet and gives you comfort in a way that aligns with your personal values. Below are Alaska cemeteries and crematorium service providers that should give you a place to start in your journey to finding the perfect pet memorial for your animal companion. If you have more cemetery and crematorium listings in Alaska we should know about, please let us know by contacting us through our Facebook page.



Alaska Pet Crematoriums

Harthaven Pet Crematory

 2518 East Tudor Road, Suite 203

Anchorage Alaska 99507 

Phone: 907-563-1801

Email: rudy@harthavenak.com

Website: http://harthavenak.com


Pet Cremations

700 W 58th Avenue, Ste F

Anchorage Alaska 99518 

Phone: 907-274-5637


Bridge Pet Services 

10008 Crazy Horse Drive

Juneau Alaska 99801 

Phone: 907-463-5022

Website: http://bridgepet.com


Passages Pet Cremation & Grief Center, Inc.

1256 S. Chugach Street

Palmer Alaska 99645 

Phone: 907-745-7574


Golden Heart Veterinary Services 

615 University Avenue

Fairbanks Alaska 99709 

Phone: 907-479-4791


Do you know of a pet crematorium business in the Alaska area? If so, we want to know, too. Please send the info through our Facebook page so that others can find them too.


Alaska Pet Cemetery

Memory Lane Alaska SPCA Pet Cemetery

Eureka Street

Anchorage Alaska 99503 

Phone: 907-562-2999


Got an Alaska-based pet cemetery we should know about? Get in touch with us through our Facebook page so that we can share with others who are looking for options in your area.


Image: Ian D. Keating

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