Find Local Pet Loss Grief Support Resources

Find Local Pet Loss Grief Support Resources

Dealing with the loss of a beloved animal companion is hard and everyone processes their grief differently. At Tiny Pet Memories, we understand how important your pet is in your life and how hard it can be to lose one. Thankfully, pet loss grief support resources are springing up around the country to help humans process their grief. The individuals organizing these groups, services, and hotlines are committed to helping those who attend as best they can. We honour their commitment and are happy to direct you to them in your quest for comfort.

Finding a pet loss support group may be one of the best ways for you to work through your pain. Thankfully they have become much more common. A local support group can be a place where you talk about your pet loss and listen to others as they share how they have learned to cope with the hole in their lives. We have compiled a listing of resources available in all 50 US states, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and China. 

If you’re seeking more personalised assistance in working through the loss of your pet, we also have listings of counselors and therapists who are available to help you journey through the grief. Most of these offer in-person sessions, though many also offer telephone and Skype counseling options as well.

Of course, not all towns and cities have access to these types of pet grief support resources. If you happen to live in one of these underserved regions, there may be a regional support hotline available to you. We also have national hotline listings in case even that is not available in your area.

Our goal is to help you find the care you need close to home when dealing with pet loss. We hope these listings will pave the way for that to be possible.

Growing Our List of Pet Grief Groups

We work to keep our lists of local support groups, therapists, and hotlines up to date and rely on the information from people like you to keep us informed. If you know of a grief support resource that isn’t listed on our site, please let us know. Send us the appropriate details such as contact information meeting times, locations, websites, emails, telephone numbers, and the best contact people.


Disclaimer: Support Group listings are added or deleted at the discretion of Tiny Pet Memories. We only provide a resource to help you connect with local pet loss and grief counseling services and therefore disclaim any legal liability for your choice of group and any resulting actions.

Image: Taylor Hernandez