27 Apr 2018
4 Steps to Surviving [and Thriving] Through Pet Loss Challenge

4 Steps to Surviving [and Thriving] Through Pet Loss Challenge

Let's get one thing straight: losing our pet companions can be as devastating - or even more difficult - than losing the humans we've loved. There. I believe it. Do you? Your friends and family may be just telling you to get over it, but I'll never do that. I understand that this may be one of the biggest challenges you face in life.

If so, and if you're having trouble surviving the loss of one of your pet's, then you're in the right place. I want to fill your bag with tools and thoughtful support so that you can move through your grief journey with meaning and come out the other side a more resilient and loving human being. It is possible - you can survive the emotional and physical anguish of pet loss. But you cannot do it alone. Let me help.

4 Steps to Surviving [and Thriving] Through Pet Loss Challenge

We all experience pet grief differently, but one thing is for sure - if you loved your pets like I did mine, then your mind, spirit, body, work, social life, and much more will be impacted by this change in your circumstances. If you're going to go through this experience with a growth mindset and see it as a way to honour your pet while also expanding as a person, you'll need to pay attention to a lot of things in your life. This challenge will:

  • Give you 8+ concrete ways to address your mental health
  • Provide 3+ options for memorializing your pet in ways that bring you comfort
  • Show you at least 7 things you should do to keep your body in tip top shape
  • Provide 4 creative suggestions for how to turn your grief into a keepsake you can treasure
  • Give you lots of inspiration and understanding

You may not find the support you need within your immediate circle of friends and family, but you will here in the Tiny Pet Memories community. So take the challenge and put yourself on a path of turning this incredibly painful experience into something that beautifully pays tribute to the one you've lost. Start today.


Image: Colton Duke