The Inspiration Behind Spartia and Tiny Pet Memories 

I suppose my journey into creating Tiny Pet Memories began in 1996 when I brought home my beautiful little Tia. Within a few years, Spartacus had joined our duo and together, we had many happy days.

We three welcomed my husband into the fray a few years after that, following which we began to crisscross the Americas, moving from Canada to Nicaragua and then to the USA. Our journeys spanned 21 homes and took us on many adventures.

Then 20 years, 6 months, and 2 weeks after Tia first turned her eyes to me, she decided it was time to go. Then, 256 days later, Spartacus shared a last look with me as well. 2017 was by far the year of my greatest losses.

And so it is in their honour I have created Spartia and Tiny Pet Memories.

You are remembered and cherished, Tia and Spartacus.



Tiny Pet Memories’ Mission

I created Tiny Pet Memories to help myself and others cherish, remember, and thrive through animal companionship and pet loss.

Certainly I find telling Tia’s and Spart’s stories therapeutic and healing. They are and have been such profound presences in my life. 

Beyond that, though, my goal is to foster a safe space full of resources that help us express gratitude for the beauty our dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits, hamsters, and more add to our lives while building our capacities to grieve healthfully. Selfishly I want to develop a community of like-minded people who care for and have cherished their beloved animal companions. A warm place filled with individuals who are able to understand and sympathize with my grief. A platform through which people like me can find support, compassion, and comfort in our pet grief. May you find a home here.